Bowfin Property Solutions is owned and run by Russell and Jo Bowyer

Bowfin property solutions Russell and Jo Bowyer
Bowfin property solutions Russell and Jo Bowyer

Russell and Jo live in Ringwood, Hampshire on the edge of the New Forest and about 15 minutes from Bournemouth.

Russell has been investing in property since 2003 and Jo more recently. The Bowyer’s have decided to work together to help property owners who are perhaps struggling to sell their homes on the south coast of the UK.

Helping home owners sell their homes across Dorset and Hampshire…

There are a number of reasons why a home will not sell, no matter what the market conditions are. But we are not just about helping home-owners who have had their house on the market for a while, but also we help people sell their home fast.

Keen to help property-owners across Dorset and Hampshire…

Bowfin property solutions in Dorset and Hampshire - Sell my house fast
Bowfin property solutions in Dorset and Hampshire – Sell my house fast

We are both keen to help people across Dorset and Hampshire, no matter what the circumstances. Whilst we cannot promise to be able to help everyone, we will always do what we can. As Both Russell and Jo have professional backgrounds, integrity and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to them both.

Meetings with Russell and Jo about selling your home will be free and in complete confidence

Mostly, the main reason why houses don’t sell is down to the the price being too high. If it is the house that you’ve lived in for many years, and it’s your pride and joy, this is not always easy.

One way to get a better idea of a more realistic idea of price is to take a look at either Rightmove house prices or on Zoopla under theirs house prices section.

Working with Estate Agents in and around Dorset and Hampshire…from Bournemouth to Southampton and everywhere in-between…

Estate agents are there to help home-owners to sell their homes. But sometimes the time it takes sell sell a house can get in the way of plans.

This is why Russell and Jo are happy to work with local estate agents across Dorset and Hampshire, for the joint reason…to help you to sell your home.

Helping people onto the Property-Ladder for the first time or back on to the ladder after a spell away from the UK

Bowfin property solutions in Dorset and Hampshire - helping people onto the property ladder - Picture of Lulworth Cove Dorset
Bowfin property solutions in Dorset and Hampshire – helping people onto the property ladder – Picture of Lulworth Cove Dorset

Additionally, we are keen to help people onto the property ladder also. This maybe your first home purchase, or it could be you’re returned to the UK as an expat that cannot obtain a mortgage.

We are all aware of how expensive homes are, and in particular in the South of England. On the south coast we are blessed with the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth and Poole, and the stunning scenery of the New Forest in Hampshire. The problem with living in a beautiful and safe part of the UK is that homes are that much more expensive.

Expensive homes makes it difficult to get onto the property ladder. You’ll not only need a bigger deposit, but also a higher income to be accepted for the mortgage. The Government has helped with the ‘Help to Buy Shared Ownership Scheme‘, but this only works with new-build properties.

So we have a scheme which uses ‘Rent-to-Own’, so that instead of simply renting a property from a landlord, you have the chance to own the property at an agreed time in the future.

Difficulty getting a mortgage to buy a house in Dorset and Hampshire…

In addition to those struggling to get onto the property market through a lack of deposit monies, there are others that are unable to obtain a mortgage.

There are many reasons why individuals cannot get a mortgage, which includes bad credit and a returning expat looking for a mortgage. Also, newly arrive immigrants to the UK will struggle to get a mortgage for at least three years, which is why the ‘Rent to Own’ scheme is ideal for newbie UK residents too.

If you have a bad credit file, and need time for it to be repaired, using the ‘Rent to Own’ scheme is a perfect solution. Most people can make mistakes in their lives, which includes messing up their credit history, and so long as you can demonstrate reasons for the bad credit situation, and you can show you can afford to ‘Rent’ to buy a property, then we can definitely help you.

Russell Bowyer – A professional

Russell Bowyer - professional property investor and Chartered Accountant
Russell Bowyer – A professional

Russell’s back ground is in business. He is also a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser, having run his own Chartered Accounting Practice in the past.

Russell believes that integrity above all is the key to running a successful business. Russell loves to help people, and having run a number of businesses to now, this has stood him in good stead. Up to now his focus has been on helping business owners, but has now turned his attention to providing property solutions.

Russell was unfortunate to have gone through cancer from 2014 and 2015, and decided to have a career change as a result. Fortunately his cancer is now in remission, and thank’s to The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, he is fully recovered.

Russell already owned property at this point, but has decided to focus more on property investment, but with the aim to helping property owners and others looking to buy properties too.

Up to this point he was running a large business, but this wasn’t his passion. Instead he is now focused on helping people with property problems, along-side working on his internet business and working for a company on the Ferndown Industrial Estate.

Jo Daughters – A Caring Professional

Jo Daughters caring property professional and investor
Jo Daughters caring property professional and investor

Jo’s background is in helping people to over-come various anxieties and mental health problems. Jo trained has a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and enjoys helping people with mental health problems.

Helping people with their property problems, and wanting to find solutions for them, goes hand-in-hand with Jo’s caring nature. Jo is very good at working with people and loves to interact with them.

She worked for tens years with Big Little Theatre School in Bournemouth, which involved working with children and their parents too.

So now Jo works with Russell with people needing property solutions, along-side her Thrive Program/Hypnotherapy Business she runs from our home in Ringwood.

If you are looking for help with selling your property fast or if you’ve been struggling to sell for sometime, please feel free to ‘Contact Russell and Jo for a free no obligation chat‘. Additionally, if you are looking to buy a property, but you are unable to for what ever reason…bad credit…new to the UK as an expat or a newbie immigrant, also please ‘Contact Us‘ right away.